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At Sherwin-Williams, We Dream in Color

Our metal coating color scientists have a palette of more than 50,000 choices – and the ability to create a unique color to match your exact specifications. Our infinite palette leads the way in metal paint color trends for industries worldwide. Exterior color choices include metallic and mica coatings, special effects, color shifting and more. If you can dream it, Sherwin-Williams Coil Coating (formerly Valspar) colors can make it real.

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Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings Color Library

Our metal paint color palette is nothing short of monumental. If you’re searching for a specific Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings metal coating system color, you’ll probably find it here.

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Why is color so important?

Color conveys emotion. Color sells products and services. Color inspires everything. Color evolves.

It is human to be attracted to color. It is also human to expect tastes in color to evolve. When that happens, new trends form. And who better than the people who live, breathe and coat the world with every color in extistence to inform you of these trends?

Ready for inspiration?

Color matters to all of us.
Welcome to our world of architectural color trends, where there is always a push for new and latest. Check out our latest color trends and stories.

Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings Special Effects Coatings

Special Effects can help your projects enchant, impress, and even dazzle. Serious architectural design once meant a limited color palette. But thanks to Valspar's innovative Special Effects metal paint line, you can now access an entirely new color space.

Valspar Nova color image Valspar Rustica color image Valspar Kameleon color image Valspar Prints color image Valspar Crinkle color image Valspar Metallic color image

Dynamic, eye-catching gold or silver sparkle in nearly any color you can imagine. In the past, adding sparkle meant sacrificing color integrity. Special Effects Nova changes all that. Fluropon Effects Nova is available in our coil and extrusion coating line, listed under Pearlescent/Effect family.

A soothing, nature-inspired palette that showcases natural polychromatic colors with a weathered, antique look. Rustica provides a calming invitation to richer, more saturated colors, including some with a subtle color-shift. Fluropon Effects Rustica is available in our coil and extrusion coating line, listed under Pearlescent/Effect family.

An iridescent, multi-toned effect that moves architectural coatings into a new level of color. Kameleon’s color family features a wide spectrum of intense vibrant colors that appear to shift from one color to another depending on the angle or light. The shift can be dramatic or subtle. If you’re using our Valflon coatings, you can achieve similarly impressive color-shifts using our Prismatic pigments. Fluropon Effects Kameleon is available in our coil and extrusion coating line, listed under Pearlescent/Effect family.

A distinctive multi-layered effect. Creates unique color combinations by using a solid base coat and layers of ink that complement the building materials—slate, corten steel, wood grain, and so much more. Opens up unlimited possibilities. Contact a coil color expert today to learn more.

Crinkle Finish 
Performance you can see and feel. The unique texture redirects light for enhanced visual depth, promising a step-change improvement over flat-panels’ appearance. The coating has been responsively designed, so its subtle shading mirrors the eye’s natural horizontal motion. Available in our WeatherXL family of coatings.

Vibrancy, taken to a whole new level. When you want a pearlescent appearance, our two-coat metallic coatings have a directional appearance that adds new dimension. For an additional special effect, our micas add a shine and protection, making our three-coat system sparkle.


It's never been easier to turn your inspirations into reality.

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