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Available for  Extrusion Extrusion

Our Acrodize coating is known as a tough, high-traffic warrior. Developed for storefronts, fast food operations, schools, shopping malls and all types of heavy-use public spaces. It looks great, wears incredibly well and is designed for non-monumental projects that are more price sensitive. Acrodize is specially formulated with 50% PVDF resins for outstanding resistance to chalking and fading that meets AAMA 2604 performance specifications.

AcrodizeProduct Data Sheet
AcrodizeProduct Data Sheet
Available: Extrusion Extrusion
Applications: Commercial, Residential Commercial Residential
Features: 75% Sun Exposure, 1 Coat, 2 Coats, 50% PVDF, 75% Sun Exposure 1 Coat 2 Coats 50% PVDF
AAMA Specification: 2604  

Acrodize coatings provide a number of unique benefits including:

• Superior resistance to ultraviolet rays
• Outstanding color retention and consistency
• Excellent overall adhesion
• Meets AAMA 2604

Acrodize is available in a wide palette of colors from bright white to jet black, and special effects to achieve nearly any look you can dream up for outstanding shine.

May be applied to pre-treated aluminum panels and extrusions.

End Uses
Acrodize is ideal for exterial use on low-rise structure:

• Non-monumental office
• Storefronts
• Restaurants
• Schools and Universities
• Shopping Malls


Available Colors


Building Accessories, Curtain Walls, Door Frames, Interior, Wall Panels, Window Trim