Full hide on the first pass.

Competitive acrylic coatings often require a second pass through the line to achieve full hide.  Acrylicoat offers exceptional hiding, significantly reducing the need for a second pass through the line.  This results in lower-applied costs, reduced line time, labor, energy costs and increased throughput.

Impressive Aesthetics

  • 18 standard colors
  • Custom solid and metallic colors available upon request
  • 10-80° gloss levels
  • Smooth, glasslike finish

Lower Applied Costs

  • Exceptional hiding means full hide on the first pass, reducing applied costs associated with production
  • Wide curing window offers flexibility on your line

End Use Applications

  • Interior and exterior window and door frames, panels, and other aluminum extrusions
  • Ideal for high-traffic areas in commercial and residential buildings
  • Meets or exceeds AAMA 2603 standards

Highly Versatile Coating System

Ultimate flexibility on your coating line.

Acrylicoat has a large curing window of 350-390° F, giving you flexibility on your coating line.  Cure at a lower temperature to save on energy costs, or cure at a higher temperature at a faster line speed to increase throughput.

Save time and money with Acrylicoat

Across the board, Acrylicoat offers benefits to your production process. Contact us to learn more about how Acrylicoat can improve your business.