Fluropon Extreme

Before it goes on a building, it goes through a lot.

Developed to face everyday friction. To deliver the kind of extreme protection, we used a development process like the one which led to WeatherXL.
We leveraged the science of tribology — the study of how surfaces interact in relative motion — to address the particular stress most likely to damage a panel between the fabricator and the finished building: abrasion.


Developed to face everyday friction

The proven benefits of 70% PVDF.

While Fluropon Extreme is a good choice for a wide variety of uses, it’s especially well suited to tough installation processes such as roofing. No other coating offers both resistance to abrasion — the inevitable wear and tear that can occur and a smooth finish. Those qualities might be just what your next project demands.




Developed to Save Time and Money

No film. No removal. No waste.

Fluropon Extreme out performs standard Fluropon with protective film. Making it the superior choice for your next project. While also saving time and money by decreasing manufacturing and job site time by eliminating the application and removal of protective film, which equals cost saving from start to finish.

Fluropon Extreme Cost Saving Calculator

Results were EXTREME.

Across the board, Fluropon Extreme tested above and beyond current standards in withstanding extreme wear conditions. The repetitive, sliding, surface-on-surface friction which panels are subject to as they are fabricated, shipped and installed. It also came out ahead in competitive comparisons. Expect proven damage resistance from the brand you know and trust.

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