Valspar Coatings Help the D Casino Hotel Make a Splashy Debut

In a city where success is broadcast with bright lights, modern design, and an air of luxury, owners of the old Fitzgerald’s Casino in Las Vegas knew it was time to renovate the exterior of their aging building. In 2012, they teamed up with Gensler, undertaking an ambitious rebranding project to bring the casino back to the forefront of downtown entertainment. Thus, the D Las Vegas Casino Hotel was born.

Working through nights and early mornings to prevent the interruption of business, installers from A.R.J. Inc. mounted 2,000 square feet of PAC-CLAD Flush Panels to the curved exterior of the casino’s storefront as part of a $22 million modernization project. Coated in Valspar’s Fluropon paint in Matte Black, the 12-inch, 24-gauge paneling provides a stark contrast to the electronic red “D” sign that now adorns the casino’s entrance.  An additional 600 square feet of PAC-CLAD flat stock were installed to add accent trim and flair to the design.

On top of the bold artistry created with Valspar’s coating, Fluropon also provides vital durability features necessary in preserving the casino’s revitalization. Fluropon coatings offer outstanding resilience to ultraviolet rays, dirt and stain resistance and incredible color retention. These features will not only protect the new exterior of the D Las Vegas Casino Hotel, but also help it continue projecting the sense of newness and luxury the setting demands.  

The completed transformation of the D Las Vegas Casino Hotel now stands as an incredible success, setting a precedent for redevelopment in downtown Las Vegas. Now a premier destination along historic Fremont Street, the building offers high-energy entertainment in its two-level casino, and lavish accommodations in its upscale hotel.

The D Casino Hotel, 301 Fremont Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101; https://www.thed.com/hotel/