Valspar Provides Durability and Flash to Golden Dragon’s Mexican Expansion

With business booming and expansion on the horizon, Chinese metal producer Golden Dragon set its sights on Monclova, Mexico, for the location of a brand-new copper tubing manufacturing plant.

To begin plans for a new facility, Golden Dragon teamed up with Trebotti Construction and approved designs for a $100 million copper plant, one of the largest investments made by a Chinese manufacturer in Mexico. With plans for a plant spanning over 650,000 square feet, Trebotti faced the difficult task of building a structure that could not only withstand the physical toll of copper-tubing production, but also the sweltering weather conditions of a Monclova summer. In a major step towards solving these problems, Trebotti partnered with Zincacero, a Mexican coater company, in order to coat the building’s exterior metal paneling and roofing with Valspar coatings, including Fluropon and Coroflex.

The selected Fluropon shade, Azul Star (blue), not only brings vibrant color to the Golden Dragon plant, but also offers an array of features to increase the plant’s longevity. Fluropon provides incomparable dirt and stain resistance, outstanding color retention, and heavy resistance to ultraviolet rays, a necessary trait for combating the hot, Mexican sun.

Valspar Coroflex was selected in a shade of Blanco (white) and primarily adorns the exterior wall paneling of the Golden Dragon plant. Coroflex is a two-coat coil coating that offers the same mechanical properties as Fluropon, with additional resistance to abrasions often caused by fabricating, handling, transporting and on-site construction incidents. The extra durability of Coroflex provides even greater protection against the working conditions present in copper production.

Golden Dragon opened the manufacturing plant in 2009, creating over 900 jobs for the city of Monclova. Today, the factory stands as a huge success, and Golden Dragon continues to expand globally, including opening its first American plant in the spring of 2014.