The Jim Beam American Stillhouse Embodies Tradition with Rustic Colors and Sustainable Construction

Nestled amidst the rolling countryside of northern Kentucky, the new Jim Beam American Stillhouse is barely distinguishable from the surrounding structures that have graced the area for generations. Jim Beam teamed up with Barnette Bagley Architects to construct a flagship still-house, designed to reflect the traditional structures used in distilling its famous bourbon, that captured both the company’s rich family history and focus on sustainable business practices.

To achieve these goals, designs for the Stillhouse centered around 31,000 square-feet of metal paneling coated in a rustic color scheme with Valspar’s Fluropon. The exterior features 11,800 square-feet of 22 gauge, 7/8’’ Corrugated Metal Sales wall panels in Old Zinc Grey. The Metal Sales wall paneling was carried throughout the interior of the building with an additional 11,475 square-feet of 22 gauge, 7/8’’ Corrugated wall panels in Old Zinc Grey.  The roof also utilized more than 7,500 square feet of 22 gauge, 16” striated Vertical Seam roof panels and was coated in complementing Slate Grey and Matte Black. The Matte Black was then carried through the soffit paneling to provide a consistent look to the Stillhouse.

The steely Matte Black, Slate Grey, and Old Zinc Grey Fluropon shades chosen for the Stillhouse fully capture the Southern grit and history behind the Jim Beam brand. The coatings also provide incredible dirt and stain resistance and color retention - traits that will help the classic design withstand the test of time.

The Stillhouse received LEED Gold and ENERGY STAR® certification, due in part to the Valspar coatings used. All the color coatings used are ENERGY STAR® certified and improve the energy-efficiency of the building by reducing the amount of energy needed to cool the building.

The Jim Beam American Stillhouse officially opened its doors in 2013, and continues to host year-round tours of its renowned bourbon-making process. Despite being new, the Stillhouse looks like a structure that has resided in the Kentucky foothills for decades, and thanks to its energy-efficient paneling and durable Valspar coatings, that’s just what it will do.

Jim Beam American Stillhouse, 526 Happy Hollow Rd, Clermont, KY 40110; http://www.americanstillhouse.com/