A LEED Gold Facility for Humane Society Silicon Valley

In a community that is home to many companies known for being both green and pet-friendly, it’s only logical that the Humane Society Silicon Valley (HSSV) would be a model facility. The 48,000-square-foot Animal Community Center, located in Milpitas, California, offers nearly anything an animal or animal-lover could need: cageless habitats, adoption services, a medical center, doggie daycare, boarding and grooming, and more—and it does it all in a space that is one of the first LEED Gold Certified animal community centers in the country.

To accomplish this green credential, HSSV planned its facility carefully, with upfront investments in smart design and materials. Windows and solar light pipes bring natural light to more than 75 percent of the facility’s interior space. Solar panels generate one-third of the site’s electricity. A high efficiency kennel cleaning system keeps animal spaces clean with minimal use of water. And on the outside of the building, nearly 1,000 square feet of metal panels, supplied by Metal Sales, provide a sustainable and colorful exterior.

The metal panels greet visitors with a vibrant palette of Valspar coatings in Copper Penny, Tahoe Blue, Terra Cotta, Hemlock Green and Jade Green.

Terra Cotta is Valspar’s Fluropon, a high integrity coating composed of 70% PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride), which offers decades of durability. Fluropon was chosen for its tremendous UV protection and excellent adhesion properties.

Valspar’s Fluropon Classic II coating was used in Copper Penny, Tahoe Blue and Jade Green. Fluropon Classic II is a 70% PVDF fluropolymer resin based coating, allowing for premium adhesion and flexibility. Crafted with superb color retention, Fluropon Classic II was chosen for its incredible durability, stubbornness to chalking & chemical degradation, all while offering a lasting pearlescent appearance.

Lastly, Valspar’s Green Hemlock Kameleon coating was used to provide a head-turning aesthetic to the building. The pearlescent color appears to shift when viewed from different angles due to its use of mica flakes within the coating, offering an even and consistent gradient look.  

The reflectivity of the coatings contributes to the building’s efficiency, thanks to their role in reducing solar heating and lowering cooling costs. In addition, the ultra-durable Fluropon coating enables Metal Sales to provide a 45-year warranty on the paint, so HSSV can rest assured that its building will look great for decades.

HSSV credits the entire building with contributing to better health and wellbeing for animals. Thanks to its great appearance and amenities, the facility will serve both animals and their human friends for many years to come.

Silicon Valley Humane Society, 901 Ames Ave, Milpitas, CA 95035