Fluropon Classic II Extrusion

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A classically trained master
Fluropon® Classic II is another smart Valspar way to do the job right and better. Colors pop and the sun is resisted. This vivid pearlescent finish lifts the vibe of any environment.

ApGard on appliances
ApGard on appliances
Fluropon Classic II ExtrusionProduct Data Sheet
Fluropon Classic II ExtrusionProduct Data Sheet
Available: Extrusion Extrusion
Applications: Commercial, High Rise, Residential Commercial High Rise Residential
Features: 100% Sun Exposure, 2 Coats, 70% PVDF, 100% Sun Exposure 2 Coats 70% PVDF
Green Design: ENERGY STAR, LEED Compliant, ENERGY STAR LEED Compliant
AAMA Specification: 2605  

Classic II is two-coat wonder created of field-proven 70% PVDF fluropolymer that does not rely on metal flakes for its metallic appearance. This system eliminates costly top coating and minimizes the “flop-of-the-flake” effect often attributed to electrostatic spray application. In other words—limited color variation and long-term finish.

Fluropon Classic II is now appearing on monumental curtain wall, panels, column covers, skylights, louvers, windows, storefronts and all manner of architectural applications.

Bring on the color with a lively range of standard and custom hues and tones. Your projects will benefit from a pearlescent look and long-lasting brilliance.

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Fluoropolymer Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

Fluoropolymer Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

Fluoropolymer Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

The molecules on the surface of Valspar’s fluoropolymer coating systems are so tightly bound together that it makes them resistant to many elements found in the environment such as air pollution, acid rain and general airborne dirt.

Although Valspar factory-applied finishes are extremely durable, a periodic cleaning to remove build-ups of resins and other residue is a good idea to extend coating life. A variety of methods for removal of surface deposits are available. Simple washing with plain water using hoses or pressure spray equipment is usually adequate. When heavy deposits of dirt or other contaminants dull surfaces, stronger methods may be needed.

Fluoropolymer Cleaning and Maintenance Guide