Building Science Part 1: Innovation Begins on a Test Fence

[Juanuary 2017]

Learn exactly what goes into testing Valspar’s architectural metal coatings before they go to market. Part I of the Valspar Building Science series, “Innovation Begins on a Test Fence,” offers a close look at the science and technology behind testing for coil and extrusion coatings.

At Valspar’s test fence facility in Fort Myers, Fla., more than 100,000 paint samples for architectural and metal building product coatings are exposed to the elements and studied. The practice provides insight into the creation and performance of exterior coatings that include pigments, resins and polymers used in Valspar's Fluropon 70-percent PVDF, WeatherXL SMP, Valflon FEVE and Polyester metal paint lines. This time-proven process cuts down on the cycle time for new product development.

Ultimately with so much metal coatings exposure data at their fingertips, this time-proven testing process cuts down on Valspar’s cycle time for new product development.

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